All of our bread is made with natural starter, or mother dough, using a long fermentation method to prove the bread. Our bread typically proves for between 20-30 hours. The result is a unique and flavorful, sourdough-style bread, with a delicious and moist chewy texture. All of our bread is 100% vegan and we also offer gluten-free sourdough varities!


Our hearty whole wheat and country loaves are made with a whole wheat and white wheat blend starter, while our rye bread is made with a rye and white wheat blend starter.

Additionally, all of our bread is made with local organic and sustainable flours, from Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill and Shepherd's Grain, both in Washington state.



Amarelo Bread is the brainchild of Carlos Caicedo (Owner and Head Baker). It's the culmination of a decade spent perfecting long-fermentation, artisanal bread-making that began back in his home country of Colombia.


Throughout this journey, Carlos continued his search for "good bread" throughout Europe and across the United States. In 2011, Carlos opened "Spika Bread" in his hometown of Cali. Now in Seattle, Carlos is delighting Seattleites with hearty whole grain and sourdough breads that are as delicious as they are beautiful. 




Sourdough bread is natural. It's healthier for you and easier to digest, making it possible for more people to enjoy. Here's an easy-to-follow explanation from the book "The Bread Exchange" by Malin Emlid:

"Unlike commercial yeast, sourdough adds a unique texture and flavor, not just air, to your bread. White bread, baked with commercial yeast, is less healthful for you. It's not the commercial yeast itself that is unhealthful; it is the process of how the yeast saves time that is the issue.

A short fermentation makes the wheat flour in the bread more difficult to digest. Through the long process of sourdough making, the bread achieves a lower glycemic index and the body is able to soak up more nutrition than it does from a bread that uses commercial yeast. The organic acid produced by the lactobacteria in the sourdough helps to activate enzymes which are already present in the wheat. Sourdough fermentation partly breaks down gluten, making it easier to digest. It is also said to destroy some of the peptides that are believed to be responsible for gluten intolerance. When you consider that your stomach will be able to digest naturally leavened bread more easily, and may not react as is can to pure white flour, you can counter the claim that white bread is not good for you."

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